One Week ’til Awesomeness, 5 Hours ’til More Awesomeness

In the spirit of being digital, this post comes to you directly from my mobile phone.

Awesomeness: The All-LED Christmas light show begins in just one week. Featuring a new Genre of electronic music called DUBSTEP. Christmas and Dubstep; what a combo.

More Awesomeness: I will be attending the amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in just a matter of hours with my lively fiance, Sarah.

Final details of this year’s display will be in my next post.

Thanks for a Great Year!

Thank you to everyone who supports Merry Digital Christmas. Thank you all for coming out to our house this year.

Although Christmas 2010 is Christmas past, don’t worry, the show will continue to run until the end of the year.

So if you have not been out so see it, you still have time!

YOUR Christmas Lights

I want to know about your Christmas lights. Animated or static display; doesn’t matter. Click on the Other Light Shows link on the main menu (left side). Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can leave information about your Christmas light display. OR comment on this post to send your info. Remember to include important information like your address/location and when we can come see your display. Other info you might incude are the number of lights you have, number of computerized light circuits (channels), the radio channel you’re broadcasting on, or whatever you want to tell us.

No display is too large or small to be featured here. Share it with us!

The Show is Live!

Since about December 1st, the show has been running with only minor hiccups that I have been able to solve without much downtime.

Statistics and Information on this years Christmas Light Show:

New Address: 817 Cuthbert Rd, Toledo, OH 43607

Hours: Daily, 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Radio Station: 106.9 FM (hear the music that is synced to the lights)

Tech Specs: 6000 lights on 16 LOR channels drawing 16 amps and thus producing almost 2000 watts of power.

Come out and see the show and while your out, check out some other light shows in the area. Details like location and time of other Christmas light show displays can be found here.