Christmas 2012 is Here!

The 2012 Merry Digital Christmas light show is LIVE.

Don’t let this short post fool you. The show is just as awesome as ever and I invite everyone to come watch.


726 Butterfield Drive
Toledo, OH 43615

Watch this year’s beautiful display of colorful LED lights synced to the music of Mannheim Steamroller and, of course, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Very special thanks to those who made this year’s display possible:

God (For the gift of grace, wisdom, and strength)
Craig Urie
Sean Rizor
Bob Densic
and, of course, my wife Sarah!

Have a HAPPY season!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 is Here!

  1. We went out tonight with a caravan of friends (7 vans full of people) and many of the houses you listed where totally dark.

    The house on Butterfield had nothing, nothing at Cuthbert, and Marble Cliff Blvd had not one house lit up. It was a weird night.

    On the plus side – Scottwood was great, Jeffrey was great, and Jackman has a great house. Raynor was on for a bit and then went completely black and Bittersweet was lite up but not music on the designated station (they had a sign on their lawn)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks – Melissa

    • There was an error which my site was showing last years displays info. I will have it corrected by the end of today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please review the new list of displays for 2012 and check out all of the lights.

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